Sumtwo is an Information Technology services company and we strive to help businesses plan, solve, and grow by leveraging cutting-edge technological capabilities, strong industry knowledge, and a passion for what we do.

Computers can translate all kinds of data, including text, numbers, sound and video, into binary code. They effectively use only the digits 1 and 0 for everything they do. The sum of the two binaries being at the core of the computer system, we named our organization, Sumtwo which implies we are focusing on fundamentals.

Sumtwo’s high-performance teams employ agile methodologies to deliver innovative, value-generating projects for companies of all sizes by leveraging the latest mobile, cloud and web technologies. Sumtwo offers services from application development to Mobility, Business Intelligence Solutions, Managed Services, SAP Solutions, Big Data Analytics to Cloud solutions. We have the technical expertise and consulting experience to support your business and supplement its IT resources, developing strong technical capabilities and meaningful industry knowledge.

Our mission is to deliver the highest quality services at affordable costs. Our values determine how we treat our people, clients, and partners. They define who we are and how we do our jobs. It also helps us to work together in the most effective way.

Our values : Quality service for our clients: Demonstrate; don’t declare
Integrity : Treat clients and employees with trust, respect, and sincerity
Communication : Share information and knowledge
Immediacy of response : Do it now with caution