Success in today’s global marketplace lies in an intelligent division of labor – focus on your core competency and simply outsource the rest.

For most businesses, putting together such an experienced technological team of talented IT staff to meet their requirements would be logistically challenging and cost prohibitive. As your company grows, so does your work load and cost. This is where Sumtwo steps in- ofcourse, if you need us. We provide consulting services for any size of companies globally both on site and off site.

Sumtwo offers an opportunity for companies to transfer their IT development and operational needs to us, so that we can fulfill your needs using our expertise and experience. Sumtwo can provide your business with the answers to your technology questions and ask a whole lot of other questions to define technology solutions that will transform your company.

Sumtwo’s consulting services can help identify areas for improving inefficiencies and maximizing effectiveness to unleash growth possibilities. Consulting is the first step towards discovering your competitive edge and enabling a meaningful transformation. Sumtwo’s consultants and developers are driven towards helping you discover and leverage your technology differential.

We work with you to get a better insight into your business – the data, the trends, and the patterns – to uncover weaknesses, suggest improvements, and enable more-informed decision-making.