BlackBerries to iPhones, tablets to laptops – today’s business is mobile and there’s no sign of slowing down. From mobile browsing to business mobility – mobile phones, apps and tablets need to factor into your businesses’ IT strategy.

Mobile applications are the lifelines that make smartphones and tablets so amazing. Today, they are used in every way imaginable – for banking, online shopping, gaming, productivity and more. We at Sumtwo work with clients to deliver meticulously-engineered mobile apps for any line of business.

Sumtwo’s mobile app experts develop cross-platform and efficient mobile software solutions that give businesses an edge. Our mobile applications are well-planned, sharply-executed, and effectively-delivered as solutions that are customized to your business goals.

We develop Enterprise Apps in the following Mobile Platforms:

Android: Phones, Tablets

iOS: iPhone, iPad

Windows Phone: Windows 8 Phones