Sumtwo’s extensive outsourcing experience enables us to offer flexible, high-performance support models that achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction, end-user productivity and return on investment.

Our Outsourced Services provide end-to-end solutions spanning:


Our goal is to enable you to achieve your business targets better, faster and more cost-effectively. We provide a full range of workforce solutions to equip you with the people, skills and competencies required to get IT done. Our recruiting consultant teams ensure that the process is seamless, stress-free and constructed to merge with your broader talent acquisition strategy.

Sumtwo staffing services assist in areas such as:

  • Recruitment of specialist staff with particular skill sets
  • Regular hires into specific functions or locations
  • Internal talent management
  • Seasonal contracts

Business Process as a Service (BPaaS):

The combination of an era of shrinking budgets and expanding technologies is driving the adoption of the fastest-growing trend in service delivery –Business Process as a Service (BPaaS). As companies look for every means to remain competitive while reducing costs, BPaaS offers wide-ranging opportunities to leverage best-in-class technology and standardized processes without major capital outlays in either technology or direct resources.

Sumtwo’s Business Process as a Service solution helps companies manage their working capital, finance, performance, people, payroll etc. Our offering eliminates the need for capital investments while reducing operational expenses. It delivers platform based, standardized, streamlined, automated business process services to help reduce short, medium and long-term Total Cost of Ownership.

Global Service Desk:

Companies serving clients across the globe need IT helpdesk throughout the year. Therefore help desk has become a necessity. Maintaining permanent staff to deliver business continuity can be a costly exercise. In order to get the best balance companies must try and employ helpdesk services strategically to manage peaks and troughs.

Sumtwo delivers a host of flexible helpdesk support solutions to choose from, based on your needs. These include regular, out of hours, part-time, contingency support. Our Service Desk provides an effective alternative to your in-house support teams by offering extensive technical knowledge and round-the-clock support.